Only two champions were selected in every game, with a 100% pick-ban rate on first week of the 2023 LEC Winter Split


After a week of play, the competitive meta for League of Legends has begun to take shape, particularly in Europe. Some champions have emerged as the top picks in the league, with two champions in particular standing out: Lucian and Ryze.

These two champions have maintained a 100% draft presence in the LEC over the three game days that have opened the 2023 Winter Split.

In professional play around the world, Lucian is a very popular AD carry champion, especially when he is paired with Nami as a support. Skilled players like him because he does a lot of damage and can move around easily.

This is evident in his 100% pick-ban rate in the LEC, according to stats from Oracle’s Elixir. Despite only winning one of the three games he’s played, teams are reluctant to give this champion to any marksman, whether they’re on a lower-ranked team or a top squad.

Ryze, while not boasting the same statistics as Lucian, is still a formidable force in professional play thanks to his ability to make game-winning plays with his ultimate ability. He also has a 100% draft presence in the LEC, despite only winning one game this split.

When used effectively, Ryze can be a powerful duelist and split-pusher, able to appear anywhere on the map and engage in any teamfight or push any lane with his Realm Warp ultimate.

Other champions like Maokai and Yuumi are also seeing high draft presences as they have become priority picks in the pick-ban phase. However, some fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the predictability of drafts and how teams’ compositions can be guessed before a game even starts.

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