Agents You should Avoid Playing if you are Low Elo


The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

In competitive VALORANT, what is seen in the professional realm may not reflect the experience of players in ranked matches, especially among the lower ranks. The bottom tier, Iron, bears little resemblance to professional play aside from the maps. However, some agents simply struggle at every level, from the top to the bottom.

This is true for Yoru. Despite multiple attempts by developers to adjust his abilities and make him more formidable, he still has low win rates in both professional and Iron tier matches. Yoru has the lowest win rate in Iron Two and Three, averaging just 45% according to KAY/O and Harbor follow close behind with win rates ranging from 44% to 48% across all Iron ranks.

The lack of success for these three agents is partly due to the difficulty in mastering their playstyle, particularly Yoru. Additionally, they are designed to support their team, making it challenging for them to carry games on their own. The low and mid-level ranked players also tend to lack effective communication, further hindering the performance of these agents.

Killjoy, on the other hand, rules the Iron ranks. According to, she has the highest average win rate across all three Iron ranks, even though she only places seventh or eighth in higher tiers. In the low tier, picking Killjoy is a straightforward decision, as her traps and turrets easily confuse opponents who are unfamiliar with the agent.

Her traps cover all entry points to a site, allowing her to shoot down enemies as they try to destroy her turret or activate her traps. If you are in the low tier and uncertain about which agent to choose, Killjoy is a strong option for making it through the Iron and up to the Gold tier, where she still maintains the highest win rate.

As for Duelists, Raze and Reyna reign supreme in the Iron, Bronze, and Silver ranks. Raze can catch her opponents off guard with her bombs and clever angles, but Reyna is the better choice for solo play because she can snowball. However, as players move up the ranks, their win rates approach the 50% mark.

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