After Just a Few Hours, Gekko Outperforms These VALORANT Agents in Win Rate


The most recent agent introduced in VALORANT has brought along some remarkable creatures that are creating chaos in the ranked matches.

Initiator Gekko, who was recently added to the game, has been gaining popularity slowly as players get accustomed to his abilities. Gekko is already ahead of three agents in terms of his win rate in VALORANT.

According to the data collected by stats site, Gekko currently boasts a 48 percent win rate. This is quite impressive considering that the percentage typically increases once players become familiar with the agent’s abilities.

At the time of publication, duelists Neon and Yoru are behind Gekko, while KAY/O has the lowest win rate. Neon has a 47.4 percent pick rate, whereas KAY/O scraped a 47.0 win rate.

Gekko has a higher average combat score (ACS) compared to other agents, even some in the same class. He boasts an ACS of 196 while Viper and Fade share the total. Cypher, Skye, Harbor, and Sage all have a lower ACS than Gekko.

The data can be explained by the fact that Gekko’s kit is relatively simple. He possesses a molly called Mosh Pit, which is a wide-radius grenade that deals significant damage. His Wingman ability, acting as a stun, can also plant or defuse the spike for Gekko. His signature ability, Dizzy, acts as a standard flash that blinds enemies in close proximity.

As the play rate of Gekko continues to rise, his win rate will surely change.

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