Blitzcrank is getting a buff on a new role in League Patch 12.20


To further balance the game, Riot Games is considering repositioning Blitzcrank in League of Legends.

One of the champions that will be changed in the next patch, 12.20, is Blitzcrank, as revealed last night by Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the lead designer on Riot’s balancing team. Despite the improvements Phroxzon has made to Blitz JG, he still has to work on his “good tap down” for Supp.

Riot has not yet revealed any information about the planned improvements, but the complete list of upgrades can be anticipated in the following days since Riot normally announces the next patch a week before it is released.

These adjustments to Blitzcrank jungle aren’t the first patch of their kind. For Patch 12.19, the developers wanted to make Blitzcrank a more “proficient duelist” by improving some fighter-related aspects of his equipment.

Blitzcrank’s W, E, and Static Field were all modified to enhance their respective damage output.

However, Blitzcrank’s kit ended up functioning in the reverse way after the upgrade. According to U.GG, a League statistics site, his victory percentage in the support role increased to 54.30 percent at Platinium levels and higher, while his pick rate increased to 10.8 percent.

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