Players of League of Legends have come up with a solution to modernize outdated Champion Mastery milestones.


The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

League of Legends introduced Champion Mastery as a progression system back in season five to track players’ experience with champions. However, the system hasn’t seen many changes over the years, and players feel it’s time for an update.

Currently, Champion Mastery serves primarily as a way to spend Blue Essence, requiring both Champion Mastery Tokens and Blue Essence to upgrade. The system hasn’t seen any significant changes since season six when Mastery was earned in Howling Abyss. As a result, players believe that it’s outdated and lacks excitement.

In response, some League players suggested on March 7 that achieving level seven Mastery with a champion should grant players the title of that champion. For instance, a player who reaches level seven Mastery with Darius should earn the title “Hand of Noxus,” which can be used similarly to other Challenges titles.

Additionally, some players proposed that achieving level seven Mastery should also award a special chroma, providing an extra incentive for players to learn a champion.

In terms of other proposed changes, players suggest that Riot should add a skin and ward randomizer, a larger emote wheel, and HUD skin themes that feature zones such as Demacia and Ionia. Furthermore, players recommend that champion themes be featured during matches instead of the base Summoner’s Rift ambient music.

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