Top-Notch LoL Players Utilize Top Laner as ADC to Crush Opponents in Patch 13.5


In League of Legends, players are known for their inventiveness in finding fresh off-meta selections for each position, such as support ADCs or tank top laner Karma. A recent development that surprised everyone is the use of a top laner as an ADC, and it seems to be flourishing in the current meta.

If you visit the League stat site Probuildstats, you’ll observe that pro players and high-Elo gamers are now choosing Cho’Gath as their ADC. This pick currently boasts a 52 percent win rate because the current meta is dominated by tanks. If players pair Cho’Gath with a tank or a support with significant crowd control, they can easily overpower the enemy ADC and defeat them with a single rotation.

Moreover, Cho’Gath’s Rupture has formidable base damage, and this Void champion scales effectively in the late game, allowing him to outlast ADC carries in team fights.

Most high-Elo and pro players opt for Arcane Comet from the Sorcery tree with Manaflow Band, Transcendence, and Scorch. They select the Resolve tree as their secondary runes, mainly choosing Second Wind and Overgrowth to endure the early game poke.

According to League players, Cho’Gath in the bot lane has been in the works for a while now. Nick “LS” De Cesare described it as a formidable pick when paired with Senna, Leona, Thresh, or Karma in a Reddit post. “Cho’Gath IS a good bot lane pick, with Senna and Leona and Thresh or Karma. It was our highest winrate bot pick and drew a lot of bans in Korea,” LS explained earlier this year.

Before Riot diminishes this LS-approved selection, take advantage of it in your ranked games and dominate the bot lane.

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