Highest Damage Champion in AD Carry Role in 2022


Many people often ask themselves about who’s the highest damage dealing champion in League of Legends, either because they want a high damage champion to play or they just want to have that knowledge about the game. Today we’re here to tell you all about this topic and show you which champions have the highest burst damage and the highest consistent damage for AD carry.

In this role, most of the champions are ranged physical damage dealers such as Vayne, Ezreal, Kai’Sa, Vayne and Xayah.

Here’s the highest damage champions for AD carry.

Aphelios is the only champion in the game with only one ability, however, he has 5 different weapons and gets more base stats than the other champions in the game.

His passive (The Hitman and the Seer) gives him access to 5 different moonlight weapons starting the game with Calibrum and Severum followed by Gravitum,Infernum and Crescendum in this exact order. This queue can be rearranged based on weapon usage.

These weapons spawn with 50 moonlight ammo which is consumed when auto attacking or casting his Q, once his weapon runs out of ammo, Aphelios swaps to the next weapon in queue.

His Q (Weapons of the Faithful) changes based on his currently equipped weapon.

Calibrum is a sniper rifle which gives Aphelios 100 bonus attack range while held as his main weapon, marking any target hit for a duration of 4.5 seconds when using its ability. Aphelios will use his off-hand weapon on the next auto attack against a marked enemy, having bonus missile speed, 1800 range and a brief time to cast Q that lasts shorter depending on Aphelios proximity to the enemy target.

Its Q fires a projectile in the target direction, dealing physical damage.

Severum is a scythe pistol that has less range, however these auto attacks are not canceled by wind ups and heal Aphelios for each successful auto attack on an enemy target. Bonus healing is converted into a shield.

Aphelios enters an onslaught for 1.75 seconds after casting its Q, getting bonus movement speed and performing up to 6 (+2 per bonus 100% attack speed) attacks on the nearest enemy over the duration, prioritizing enemy champions. Attacks alternate between Severum and his off-hand weapon, dealing 25% on-hit damage and bonus physical damage, affected by critical strike.

Gravitum is a gravity cannon that marks enemies, slowing them by 35% for 3.5 seconds on auto attacks, decaying to 10% for 0.7 seconds. These marks are activated with its Q, dealing physical damage and rooting them for 1 second.

Infernum is a flamethrower that shoots a bolt at the target enemy, dealing physical damage to any target it passes through. Upon reaching its enemy target, it splits into 4 different bolts that deal physical damage. Critical strikes instead split into 6 bolts that deal critical damage.

Its Q unleashes a wave of energy in a cone in the target direction, marking enemies it passes through, after 0.5 seconds Aphelios then attacks the marked enemies with his off-hand weapon dealing physical and on-hit damage, with no range limit. This is affected by critical strikes.

Crescendum is his Chakram, basic attacks from this weapon hurl the blade at the target, which lingers for 0.25 seconds before homing back to Aphelios. He is unable to declare basic attacks until he retrieves Crescendum, but the attack timer is reset once caught

Whenever Aphelios casts an ability that would require him to throw Crescendum, he instead throws a spectral Chakram at the target that similarly returns to him. Aphelios accumulates the Chakrams he catches, up to 20, which last for 5 seconds or until Crescendum is out of ammo. Attacks against champions will refresh the lifespan of Chakrams.

Auto attacks with Crescendum deal bonus physical damage based on how many chakrams he has, those of which can critically strike.

Its Q spawns an untargetable sentry at the target location that arms after 0.35 seconds, lasting for up to 20 seconds, attacking surrounding enemies in range with a clone of Aphelios’s off-hand weapon at 0.8 attack speed and reducing its duration to 4 seconds and becoming targetable. The sentry benefits from Aphelios’s critical strike and attack speed.

The weapon of the Faithful is able to swap between main and off-hand weapons with his W (Phase)

This champion’s ultimate (Moonlight Vigil) casts forth a lunar spotlight in the target direction that stops upon hitting an enemy champion. The area around the enemy champion hit is smited, dealing physical damage to every target enemy struck and locking-on to each target hit. After 0.3 seconds of the illumination, attacks will begin raining from the sky based on Aphelios current main weapon, dealing physical damage and applying on-hit effects at 100% effectiveness upon each target locked-on by his ultimate. These attacks can critically strike and there is no range limit for locked-on targets.

Calibrum applies a mark on target enemies that deals bonus physical damage per each mark.

Severum heals Aphelios if it hits an enemy.

Gravitum slows enemies by 99%, and the root is increased to 1.35 seconds.

Infernum deals physical damage upon landing, splashing in a 400 unit circle dealing 90% of that damage to enemies in the range area.

Crescendum gives 5 additional spectral chakrams from each champion struck to Aphelios.

Aphelios is the AD carry with the most consistent damage as he can level up his base stats and stack lots of chakrams and use his sentry to deal tons of damage.

Here’s a clip of a Aphelios 1 vs 5 pentakill in Tyler1 stream.

Samira is a very unique AD carry as she does more damage while in melee range, attacking with her blade.

Her passive (Style) grants her a Style stack per basic attacks and abilities against at least one enemy champion different from the previous damaging hit made against champions for 6 seconds, stacking up to 6 times. The duration refreshes on subsequent damaging attacks and abilities against enemy champions. These stacks grant her movement speed.

Samira’s basic attacks against targets at 200 range or less use her blade, becoming non-projectile. 

Basic attacks and abilities with the blade deal bonus magic damage increased accordingly to enemies’ missing health.

Whenever Samira uses a basic attack against an immobilized target, the attack is empowered to knock-up for 0.5 seconds, and be modified to deal the attack’s damage over 6 strikes for the duration.

This champion’s Q (Flair) fires a shot in the target direction dealing physical damage, if the target is in her blade range, slashes instead in a cone dealing the same damage to all enemy targets within range. Her Q can be cast during her E damaging all target’s she passes through, this also can be cast with her W or ultimate.

Samira’s W (Blade Whirl) causes Samira to spin her blades around herself for 0.75 seconds, dealing physical damage in the area and destroying any projectiles (except tower shots).

The Desert Rose’s E (Wild Rush) makes her dash in the enemy target dealing ability damage to anyone she passes through, granting her bonus attack speed for 3 seconds. Getting a takedown within 3 seconds after dealing damage to that target reset’s this ability cooldown.


While dashing, she can cast Q, W or ultimate.

Her ultimate (Inferno Trigger) requires Samira to have maximum Style stacks in order to be cast, and unleashes a torrent of 10 shots in a total of 2 seconds, dealing physical damage. These can critically strike and apply life-steal and Samira cannot cast abilities besides E during this ability.

Samira is the highest burst damage AD carry as her combo is very fast, stacking her Style stacks and Conqueror rune to their maximum and finishing with ultimate.

Here’s a clip of TheBausffs stream where a Samira one shoots an entire team alone.

You should try these 2 champions out and see for yourself this incredible damage as you might have a lot of fun killing entire teams! Don’t forget to share our article and discuss it with your friends!

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