Overwatch 2 community believes matchmaking has deteriorated despite Blizzard’s attempted fix.


Since its launch, Overwatch 2’s matchmaking system has been plagued with issues, as players are frequently matched with individuals of varying ranks. Despite Blizzard’s attempts to resolve the issue through several patches, gamers are convinced that the problem is only worsening.

In Overwatch 2’s competitive mode, players are assigned opponents of similar ranks using a role-matchmaking approach. Although Blizzard declared that the problem was resolved, many players are skeptical that the system is still malfunctioning.

On February 15, the developers released an update to address the issue that was putting players of significantly lower skill tiers against higher-ranked players. However, less than a week later, the Overwatch 2 community is convinced that “role matchmaking is absolutely not in place.”

Numerous players shared their grievances with the matchmaking system, posting images and clips that show the increasing inconsistency in rank distribution. Some players were matched with opponents of significantly higher ranks, such as a platinum player being pitted against a top 500-ranked player.

Despite the hero shooter sequel’s policy of not allowing players to queue with friends of a lower rank, the developers appear to be in no hurry to resolve the issue of having random teammates of different ranks.

Additionally, Overwatch 2 has experienced several patches, nerfs, and buffs, and a bug outbreak that has altered the strengths and abilities of several heroes, including Sigma, Symmetra, Orisa, and Roadhog.

As a result, Blizzard has a lot of work to do to fix the growing number of issues with Overwatch 2.

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