In Overwatch, we have all the greatest strategies for making the most of your tank.


Overwatch Ten Tips For Carrying Games Like A Tank

In Overwatch, tanks are the characters in charge of making room and drawing enough attention so that the other members of their team may perform their duties. Although it may seem straightforward, there are frequently a number of things to take into account when playing as one of these heroes, including ultimates, team compositions, and map choices.

In order to help you keep it all straight while you are playing the game, we have chosen to compile a list of 10 recommendations that can assist you in carrying games when playing a tank.

10 Overwatch: Use Your Ultimate More Ten Tips For Carrying Games Like A Tank

Tanks holding onto their ultimates for much too long is one issue that is particularly common at low and mid ranks. This frequently seems to be built on the notion that every ultimate must be the game-winning move, but in reality, you can benefit your team more frequently if you can get a few kills and then start charging your ability once more.

This is due to the fact that in Overwatch, the team with the most players still alive usually wins the team fight, making frequent kills more valuable than a potential huge move.

While you should always use your ultimate when the chance presents itself, you should also make sure you are getting the most out of it. Since many of the role’s ultimates are excellent at enabling kills but not finishing them, one of the greatest ways to do this as a tank hero is to make sure that your team is prepared to take advantage of the circumstance.


The simplest approach to make sure your teammates are prepared is to voice-chat with them about your strategy, but if you are unable to do so, you can also utilize the “my ultimate is ready” voice line as you enter a fight to alert your teammates that you will be using the ability.

8 Always Body Block in Overwatch Ten Tips For Carrying Games Like A Tank

A fight can be won or lost by having the awareness to move in front of incoming harm and defend your team with your body. Tank heroes shouldn’t be frightened to face enemy attacks to defend their comrades because they typically have the ability to take the damage without passing away thanks to having the largest health pools in the game.

This advice is particularly crucial for off-tanks because they cannot employ shields, but main tanks can also use it while their barriers are recharging.

7 Overwatch Heroes Your Team Should Avoid Overwatch Ten Tips For Carrying Games Like A Tank

As a team’s ability to take advantage of the opportunities that these heroes provide usually determines success, team compositions are frequently dictated by the tanks that lead them into combat. So be sure to think about whether you and your team will be able to move and battle successfully when choosing which tank to play.

For instance, playing a Winston and Roadhog together might be difficult since when the Winston hops into the opposing side, his other tank would probably be unable to help him due to their different levels of mobility.

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Peel For Your Healers Ten Tips For Carrying Games Like A Tank

In Overwatch, peeling refers to a player defending isolated and under attack backline teammates. Peeling is typically the off tank’s job since the main should typically stay up front and preserve their team’s position, similar to the body blocking advice.

Due to their high damage output and excellent teammate protection skills, Zarya and D.Va are two of the greatest tanks for peeling in particular.

Track Enemy Ultimates Ten Tips For Carrying Games Like A Tank

While all players should try to keep an eye out for opponent ultimates, tank players in particular must do so because they are in charge of guarding their team. It is best to hold your position and avoid moving into an area where you would be an easy target if you believe an enemy has an ultimate.

If you’re having difficulties deciding how to best estimate this, one simple thing you can do is to look at the percentages of your colleagues and take into account how each team is performing overall. The team that wins the most battles will typically have a better economic position.


Counter Enemy Tanks By Swapping Heroes Ten Tips For Carrying Games Like A Tank

As with all roles, tanks have a counterplay component that shouldn’t be disregarded because some heroes are made in a way that makes them more effective versus particular team compositions.

Since Orisa can attack from a distance, replenish her barrier quickly, and move foes around, she should be able to deal with an attacking Reinhardt rather easily in the current meta. This will help her team win the barrier war.

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You should choose your tank depending on your team’s composition and the heroes of your opponents, but you should also take the map into account. This is because specific tanks will typically perform better on certain maps’ chokepoints and flanking paths.

If you think about a map like King’s Row, the layout of the arena is ideal for a Reinhardt and Zarya tank team since the streets’ narrow lanes let the Zarya swiftly build up charge from the Reinhardt.

Understand All Tank Heroes in Overwatch at a Basic Level Ten Tips For Carrying Games Like A Tank

Learn how to employ all of the heroes in the role since, as said in earlier advice, being adaptable as a tank player is essential when attempting to climb. While you don’t have to be an expert in every one of them, it’s imperative to have a fundamental understanding of who they counter and how to leverage their specializations.


Additionally, having a better understanding of what each tank is capable of can assist you cope with opposition teams since you will know what their tanks are most likely to perform.

Be sure to refrain from playing passively

A passive tank is one of the most difficult sorts of players to play with in Overwatch. In reality, a tank or healer usually makes large plays possible; instead of defending their team and making space, they are frequently observed standing still and waiting for their damage heroes to act.

As a result, while in combat you should make sure to apply pressure to your opponents and take up as much space as possible, outside of it you need always make sure that your team is prepared and waiting for you.

Last and final tip

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